How to Play

Each player begins the game with a personal deck of ten cards that represents their basic attack and resources. Each turn you will draw and play five cards from your hand to attack opponents and to recruit new characters for your deck. Each player should have the following (Starter) cards in their personal deck.

3 Pow cards

2 Whack cards

      4Blue Power cards

     1Gold    Power card

Each player also takes enough Hit Point tokens to equal 100 hit points. 

Before the game starts, players will declare their alignment, playing as either a hero or a villain. Players alternate taking turns. Starting with a villain player, play proceeds clockwise. 

At any time during your turn you may preform any of the following actions in any order. 



-Use Special Abilities


Every time you have cards like this come into play you get resources (Power) that you may use for that turn only. Spend resources (Power)to buy characters from the "Street", or city cards from the "City" deck, or to activate special abilities. 


Attack your opponents and do damage, causing them to lose hit points. 

Special Abilities

Use the text listed on your cards to do things like, take an extra turn, or draw more cards. 

Game Set up

Now that each player has a personal deck and hit points, let set up the main play area. The main play area consist of basically three decks of cards. The "City", "Character", and "Weakness" decks. Below is a brief description of each deck and what to do with them.

Find and shuffle together all yellow Event cards, and cards with the above symbol. These cards will make up the "City" deck.

During your turn, you may purchase city cards for 9 Power each. 

When purchased, city cards must be placed into your draw pile and shuffled.  Some characters that you acquire will instruct you to draw a city card and play it for free when they come into play. 

Below are some examples of cards in the "City" deck. 

The City Deck

Event cards do not have the city symbol, but are still placed into the "City" deck.

Characters that are found in the "City" deck only have the city symbol on the top right corner of the card. 

Most cards in the "City" deck will have the city symbol on both top corners of the card. 

The Character Deck

Find and shuffle together all character cards, with the above symbols. These cards will make up the "Character" deck.  Cards that go into this deck will have a alignment symbol on the top left corner and a power cost in the top right corner.

Below are some examples of cards in the character deck. 




The Weakness Deck

Find and group together all the weakness cards, which are set face up, off to the side of the play area. 




Now that all cards have been put into the their proper decks, let's go ahead and set up the play area.

Randomly draw six cards from the "Character" deck and place face up in a row on the table. This row will now be known as the "Street". 

This is where you will acquire new characters for your team.

Shuffle and place the "Character deck face down on the right side of the "Street".

Shuffle and place the "City" deck on the left side of the "Street". 

Play Area



Assemble your Team!

To purchase characters from the "Street" you must be of the same alignment, or the characters must be vigilantes. Every character has a resource (Power) cost located in the top right corner of their card that you must pay in order to purchase them. Once you pay the cost, place the purchased character into your discard pile.