Welcome to Olympia City, a densely populated mega metropolis, home to over 3 million people. 

In this city of the future the impossible is possible through advanced science, technological wonders, and even super natural forces.

Here among the citizens, colorful costumed characters are a common sight, and caped crusaders prowl rooftops by night. Until now the forces of good and evil have been evenly matched, but a new group of opportunistic characters have emerged to threaten the balance of power in the city. Not exactly good, nor evil, the vigilantes will join forces with whoever recruits them, thus swaying the delicate balance of power.

Legend Forge Games is proud to present our first title, Vigilante "the Comic Book Card Game", which was created by Nelson Pearson and John Jones. This game was made by fans, for fans. Vigilante is a fun 2 to 4 player comic-themed, deck builder style game that features all sorts of colorful characters!

Assemble a team to challenge your opponent. With over 70 different characters to choose from, no two games will ever be alike!